7 Benefits of having a data scientist as a friend

Friends are one of the most important structure of anyone’s life. Maybe you socialize with many but you genuinely have a few friends. And if you’re lucky enough to be friends with a data scientist you can have the best time of your lives, all because though they me seem like all work and no play but trust me being around them is way more fun than you may have ever thought.

1.Nerds they are, always linking a thing with some celestial object or some spectacular data.


2.There is some thing more important than food to them, its ‘DATA’, your pizza  yours and their’s also yours.


3.You  can take him to go around and have a walk, they’ll keep you entertained by sprawling every minute detail that you miss

unnamed (1).gif

4.Want a game of poker in the middle of night,call them they are always ready*’Poker’ Stars


5.They have every little detail on you*I’m watching you*


6.They can teach you new skills to show off , that too within seconds

giphy (1).gif

7.You can refer him for a job at Myrefers and earn rewards


MyRefers is a job referral marketplace. On MyRefers you can refer your friend for a job and if your friend gets hired you will be given a referral reward mention against the job. We believe people know people better and if they take the effort to connect each other to opportunities, everybody in the world will be successful. You are welcomed to our community of referrers who are game changing the recruitment industry.


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