7 Benefits of having a friend in HR Department

1.You know the company’s policies better than most of the employee


2.All his friends esp. females are automatically yours too #oh_yeah


3.Want a tip for your most awaited interview,refer them they’ve loads


4. If you’re ever in trouble with your boss, tell them they’ll reach out to your help*wink*friend’s friend


5.They basically know everything about you*don’t gun them with no money crisis.


6.You can use their vast connections to get your dream job


7. Habit of firing people they would’ve fired you a number of times!**laughs**


If your friend fires someone do refer that person to Myrefers. We are there for anyone he fires. 


MyRefers is a job referral marketplace. On MyRefers you can refer your friend for a job and if your friend gets hired you will be given a referral reward mention against the job. We believe people know people better and if they take the effort to connect each other to opportunities, everybody in the world will be successful. You are welcomed to our community of referrers who are game changing the recruitment industry.



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