7 benefits of having Digital Savvy friend

Good friends are boon to the society and they’re a big blessing for you. And if you have a friend who is media savvy,then my bro you’ve hit the jackpot in some kind or the other. *KYUKI HAR EK FRIEND ZAROORI HOTA HAI.*

1.Facebook and twitter are their second home,and they kind of love their second home.




2.Likes and likes and more like and re-tweets and re-tweets, their agenda of life *Can help you win social media contest*.




3.Any big social update , such as a pool party or any rally ,you’ll be the first to know.




4.You learn new #hashtags from them every day.




5.They are the most philosophical people you’ll ever come across(forget all those babas around)


giphy (2).gif


6.Best thing is you don’t need to check-in anywhere, they’ll do it for you.




7. If you ever get famous and own a page , call them in they’ll be more than happy to work for you *DREAM JOB,HANDLE A FACEBOOK/TWITTER HANDLER*




8.And as we said , you can always refer them to us, we’ll get them a facebook page or a twitter to handle while you’re out there achieving glory.#MYREFERS


MyRefers is a job referral marketplace. On MyRefers you can refer your friend for a job and if your friend gets hired you will be given a referral reward mention against the job. We believe people know people better and if they take the effort to connect each other to opportunities, everybody in the world will be successful. You are welcomed to our community of referrers who are game changing the recruitment industry.



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