Benefits of having a friend from IIM

Every one would be having friends from different top institutes but having a friend from IIM is extremely special. They do things and they do it perfectly. You’re one lucky smart ass to have him on your Squad. Below are some perks of having one on your SQUAD.

1. They will keep track of your finances #born managers




2.Want a leader for a trip with friends they are up to the task#aye aye captain




3. Got a deadline to meet they know how to do it without working your arse off.*help a bro




4. Brands are their way to go around a party#TOM_FORD




5. A no win situation in a merger with a firm, refer them they know how to ‘turn the table’#this is Sparta




6.Every club bouncer would be your “friend”by now.




7.Suits become your religion.#SUIT_UP




8.And lastly you can always refer him to us(My Refers) so that he/she may get the best possible jobs from around the globe



MyRefers is a job referral marketplace. On MyRefers you can refer your friend for a job and if your friend gets hired you will be given a referral reward mention against the job. We believe people know people better and if they take the effort to connect each other to opportunities, everybody in the world will be successful. You are welcomed to our community of referrers who are game changing the recruitment industry.





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