Top 10 Rising Tech Influencers In India


Twitter has gained a primarily spot in the social connections and the live news feed. With so many influencers available, It has become a hot spot of information around the globe. Merely being referred as a social network, twitter is now becoming a leading platform for users to explore in the fields of politics, technology, food, and even music. For all the tech savvy out there, the following list of influencers will be a cube of sugar in your cup of Tea. As they provide you insight analysis and tech details.


We hope the following list of influencers would be as useful as the use of sniper in DOTA2.


1. Ruhani Rabin   @ruhanirabin

He is a tech enthusiast for almost 20 years, Idea Maker, Social Media Researcher and a Total fun geek. He, tweets about newly developed products and technology, is a big fan of Start Trek.

2. Amit Agarwal      @labnol

He is a web geek, Google Apps Script developer and Founder of labnol, a tech blogger who has written many articles on the tech industry. Follow him to stay up to date.


3. Karan Bajaj   @karanbajaj

Assistant Editor (Personal Tech) @ The Economic Times, Amateur Photographer. Troublemaker. Incurable food aficionado. Beer fanatic. Passionate coffee junkie, that’s how he delinete himself. He is a tech savvy who tweets about new gadgets in the gadget world.

4. Raju   [email protected]

Tech Blogger, fighting the temptation of being a tech-journalist. Opinions are of my employer, because Self-Employed. Editor and He usually tweets about new mobile phones in the market and his pick on them.


   5. Yash Nelapati  @yashh

He is an active twitter user who loves to share about his interests and opinions about Techworld. He is a tech zealot and a must follow for all the tech savvy.

Photo published for Yash Nelapati - AMA


6. Priya Ganpati  @pgcat

Director of Platform Products, QZ. Product development/partnerships for Quartz. Former mobile apps product manager for WSJ. Her tweets are mostly about development in mobile apps and latest news of mobile world.


7. Krushna Subramanium   @ksub15


Changing the advertising world: Mobclix Co-Founder, Velti CMO, BlueLithium Co-founder, Burrp – Co-Founder, all things mobile (apps, ads, analytics). He usually tweets and share about general happenings in the tech world.

8. Rashmi Sinha   @rashmi

She is an Entrepreneur, designer, scientist. Founded SlideShare. Now Entrepreneur at large. Rashmi Sinha is an Indian-American businesswoman and CEO of San Francico based technology company Slideshare. She also writes about social software and entrepreneurship at her blog –

9. Ashish Sinha [email protected]

He is a tech maniac and Founder/Editor at ,his tweets are about tech startups. He is a must follow for all tech fanboys.



10. Nishant Padhiar [email protected]

Relatively new to twitter, he works at Stuff India, a gadget magazine. His twitter topics include updating about new product launches in India.


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